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Dear employee this Is the good question we give you money in cash and bank wallet account in case you don’t accepted then we will give you money as you speak


You work with us then it will be only between you and us we will not give Your personal information to any person and your responsibility for your security will be us


Being a women

You have an incredibly sexy look and also would have a passion for earning my own. Unfortunately, you are not able to earn as a lack of qualification and for other reasons. Here is an opportunity for all those ladies who are looking forward to earning for their needs and just for fun!
We, Kavya Escort need energetic women who look sexy and passionate to turn the clients engaged and pleasurable to the fullest. Thus, if you can gratify the eroticism of handsome guys, then don’t miss this lovely opportunity where monthly earning has no fixed end. Your earning will be all depending upon the input you will give to your clients.


We are the best

Escorts in Goa and also have been in this industry for decades. To keep our clients satisfied with new additions, we keep hiring. Hence, if you are cheerful and have a passion for doing something in your life, then this platform is adequate for you to fulfil your dreams.
Being part of Goa escorts industry for a long time, we keep satisfying our clients to serve the best only. And without tempting and beautiful call girls, we cannot fulfil this need of our clients. So, beautiful babes, wake up, come to our escort hub, and start earning a limitless amount every day.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does this job opportunity have any age limit?

Nope! There is no defined age to join this industry. Only women above 18 years of age should register here. The girls above this age become legal to join this industry. Moreover, the upper limit does not have any age. Many gentlemen prefer to have a romance for MILF. Thus, in our Goa independent escorts, women with passion and sexy bodies can enter regardless of age.

Does a housewife join here?

Yup! Housewives can join this platform. In India, housewife escort services are very well appreciated, and many gentlemen have a passion for spending romantic hours with homemakers because many gentlemen expect to do romance with decent women. So, being a housewife, you are welcome to join this industry. Moreover, you can do your routine tasks, and in your leisure time, you can work in our industry.

Do professionals join here?

Yup! This opportunity is not for homemakers and only those with a lack of qualification and profession. Also, professionals can join this industry. Thus, if you are a model, air-hostesses, VIP, and belong to other businesses, then you are also welcomed. Kindly note that women belonging to air-hostesses, models, and other top-class industries can earn limitless in this escort industry in Goa. These sorts of women can concentrate on their primary profession, and as to gain part-time, they should join here. There are a lot of affluent gentlemen who are willing to do romance with high profile women. So, if you belong to high-profile, then don’t be shy, join now!

Other than homemakers and professionals, who can take this opportunity?

College girls, masseurs, and women belong to the South of India also come here to take this chance. College girls can belong to any college with any age and qualification can send their resume along with beautiful photos to start working here. Moreover, women from South India can also join this industry as it has a high demand for mallu aunties. Gentlemen feel pleasure to spend romantic hours with southern beauty because despite having a dark complexion, they have the sexiest and attractive physique. MILF women can also join this industry. These women consider an expert in sex and romance, which make the guys feel complete. Besides, masseurs can enter here as masseur escorts. Many gentlemen love to take masseur and escorts service straightaway.

Do any experience need to join here?

Nope! You don’t need any experience to join here. We have experts to make your train as per profile. You need to be broad-minded, along with passion. Therefore, be cool if you are a newbie in this industry and would have joined or performed such sorts of jobs.

Do experienced call girls register here?

Yup! If you are a call girl and have been in this industry for a very long time, then this platform will change your life to the fullest. We are the best female escort in Goa, and we have very affluent clients who love to spend unlimited money if they get accompanied by sizzling and cheerful girls. So, if you have experience in this industry, then we give you a warm welcome as you can work here as a professional or senior.

How much can I earn in a month?

Yup! You can join under this title only if you feel secure as an outcall call girl only. Thus, in this title, you have to work for clients who need to take our escort services at the places they like the most.

Do I join as outcall escorts here?

Yup! You can join under this title only if you feel secure as an outcall call girl only. Thus, in this title, you have to work for clients who need to take our escort services at the places they like the most.

Is this safe to join here?

Yes! It is safe to join here. We are a prominent escort industry in Goa. We are reputed and also take care of the reputation of our call girls. Thus, you do not need to worry about this matter. You will be safe and secure in our escorts hub. Our industry works confidentially. Thus, if you are willing to send your application for working as a call girl at Kavya Escort, then send you to resume, or CV now at (write down email here) or directly call over the phone number (add contact numbers). We will respond to you very shortly.